Ceramic Materials

Our pursuit of the most biocompatible dental materials available has defined the way we deliver dentistry to every patient at Heal Dental Care. Take a moment to watch our video and discover our passion for ceramic restorations shared by Dr Murray Orr.

Modern glass ceramic (also known as porcelain) has high wear resistance, does not corrode and has no cathodic (electrical) interaction with the body. The advancements in ceramic dental materials mean mercury fillings and metal based crowns and bridges are truly a thing of the past. Over the past 20 years advancements in the strength and methods of manufacture of dental ceramics have made this type of dental restoration far more reliable and convenient.

It normally takes 2-3 appointments over several weeks for a dentist to provide ceramic restorations to patients. And often a temporary must be used while the final ceramic is prepared. We know your time is precious, so at Heal Dental Care, we use cutting edge technology which sim-plifies this process to one visit, with no temporary, at no additional cost.

Our clinic utilises equipment like the CEREC Omnicam, Waterlase iPlus and VITA Furnacing to create exceptional quality ceramic restorations which are superior to regular fillings.

Rest assured that we have made it our mission to use the best ceramic materials for you and your family’s dentistry at Heal Dental Care. We are proud to provide excellent aesthetic and functional restorations which truly support a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing.