TMJ Treatments

Your jaw can affect your sleep, your ability to chew (and digest) your food properly, your chance of having a headache or a migraine, your posture and a whole host of other things.

To download a PDF with typical options to assist with reducing TMJ discomfort click the link below:

TMD Information Options (74 KB)

Surgical Procedures

We can help you to prepare for a surgical procedure by using sedation techniques, as well as offering you a comfortable seat in our Chill Out Space. At Heal Dental Care we can take care of the majority of your needs. This includes surgical procedures such as biopsies and wisdom tooth removal. We may use a variety of herbs and products to help you to heal afterwards.

Gum Treatments

Apart from the usual clean and polish we offer a selection of gum treatments to help achieve total dental health. This can range from using a bespoke individually made toothpaste, made specially for you by our compounding chemist, using ingredients such as Co-Enzyme Q10 and Vitamin C, all the way to performing advanced gum treatments for your individual needs.

When necessary, our state-of-the-art Waterlase laser treatments enable us to clean more thoroughly than ever before.

Furthermore, we have an oral hygienic and therapist on hand to assist with getting the most thorough clean possible.