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Mar 14

How to Brush Your Kids Teeth

Thursday, March 14, 2019

I want to talk to you about how to help your kids to brush their teeth, even if they don't want to. This is important because it helps to develop the pattern of tooth brushing at an early age. On a deeper level, learning this skill at a young age and taking responsibility for their own habits of how they brush their teeth and look after their mouth will develop greater levels of self-awareness about their own mouth and body. Read the rest of the entry...

Mar 08

Simple preventative measures can help you avoid the dentist and getting fillings. Dr Murray shares some super simple tips and tricks. Read the rest of the entry...

Mar 05

  Read the rest of the entry...

Mar 01

People don't realise that doing this one thing in the pursuit of ideal systemic health, can actually cause irreversible tooth damage.
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Feb 26

What Is Eco Dentistry

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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