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Patients regularly ask me for fluoride free alternatives in my daily practice. As a dentist, I (Dr Murray Orr) find it very difficult to recommend products I would not use in my own mouth. The incredible growth of the natural health industry has opened up the floodgates to a new era of products and there are many great options out there to choose from so I would like to take a few moments give some advice to help you in your selections.

Please consider:

1) Can it help remove plaque?
Shiny new products with extravagant claims may look nice, but nothing matters more than removing plaque. Mouth rinses for example are mainly useful for freshening your breath and alone will never be able to prevent decay in one’s mouth. The mechanical action of brushing plaque away from teeth is the cornerstone of your oral hygiene and so don’t look too far afield before you have yourself a great tooth brush. Plaque is inherently soft, and so manual toothbrushes will be sufficient for this task and certainly won’t break the budget. At Heal Dental Care we offer a unique Eco-Friendly toothbrush (kids and adult versions available) with charcoal impregnated bristles.

2) Is it proven to work?
I have seen some scary toothpastes in my time – some natural ones even including sugar! Make sure that you are purchasing a product which has a proven formula. At Heal Dental Care all of our toothpastes are fluoride free. One I am particularly fond of is Onguard by Doterra. It contains hydroxyapatite which works effectively to remineralise your teeth and prevent decay (1).

3) Organic products are not all the same.
Buying organic oral health products is ideal, however only Certified Organic products are truly worth the money if you are seeking this level of perfection. Look for the correct BFA labelling at all times. One great example at Heal Dental Care is Divine Tooth Moouse by Therese Kerr – it tastes incredible and is completely non-toxic; a great certified organic option.

While expensive electric tooth brushes and TV advertised gadgets may be all the rage, let me assure you that with consistency and repetition of the twice daily brush and floss you will be on the right track! If you still suffer from tooth decay despite following a good oral hygiene regime, then maybe it is time to see a dentist to check your salivary flow rate or to get some professional advice on your brushing techniques.

Remember as always, opinions expressed are those of the author. They are general in nature and should not be taken as a substitute for professional dental advice in an individual consultation.

(1) Tschoppe P, et al. Enamel and dentine remineralization by nano-hydroxyapatite toothpastes. Journal of Dentistry (2011), doi:10.1016/j.jdent.2011.03.008