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Simple preventative measures can help you avoid the dentist and getting fillings. Dr Murray shares some super simple tips and tricks.

Why do teeth get decay? It’s this simple. Plaque builds up around the teeth, it doesn’t get removed properly, and then it produces acids that actually eat away into the tooth structure causing decay. Removing plaque and the sugars that it consumes to grow are the best things that you can do to prevent decay. They might seem simple, but you would be very surprised to learn that a lot of people who brush their teeth don’t do so thoroughly enough and this is the reason that they need fillings and ongoing active dental treatment. While many people avoid the dentist completely because of fear, costs, pain, a lot of other factors like that. If we take a preventative approach, it will actually save us far more money and time in the future. So how do we have this focus on prevention when it comes to our oral health?

Brush your teeth thoroughly and regularly for two minutes twice a day. It’s important to start to develop self awareness about how it actually feels to have a clean mouth. Flossing is important, especially between teeth with existing fillings or crowding. I recommend going to your dentist and having a regular cleaning or a checkup every six months for the average patient. Critically important is our diet, what we’re putting into our mouth which will actually affect the plaque directly. Reducing our intake of sugary beverages, foods and refined carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, biscuits, cereals and crackers. And last but not least, make sure you drink lots of water. Stay hydrated and in particular have water after having anything sweet or acidic.

Seeing your dentist regularly can actually be a positive experience because having clean teeth not only feels and looks great, it’s also incredible for your systemic health. By reducing inflammation in the mouth and gums, this preventative approach is worlds away from fearing the dentist and only going when you’re in pain and you don’t know what’s wrong.

I hope this gives you a unique perspective on how you can avoid the dentist by focusing on prevention instead of the cure.