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To us “holistic dental care” begins with our philosophy on general well-being. We aim to support the body, to respect the needs and desires of our patients, and to be conservative and comprehensive in our treatments. Our commitment to practicing as holistic dentists realizes that we can’t treat all aspects of health, so we have a strong network of proficient allied health practitioners to refer to in caring for your whole body. We acknowledge that what happens in the mouth effects the whole body.

Similarly, the body may show signs of illness in the mouth, so the health of the mouth is paramount in consideration of many aspects of systemic (overall) health.

To some in the healthcare sector, “holistic” can be a dirty word, conjuring up thoughts of false claims made by unqualified people; or unsubstantiated claims such as “removing your amalgams will cure cancer.” At Heal we would never make such a claim about something as complex as cancer. However, we recognize that each body has a capacity to handle stress; and that this capacity can in turn be overwhelmed.

Stress is a significant factor in many systemic illnesses and it takes many forms. Chronic inflammation from bad posture, latent infections of the teeth and gums, exposure to chemicals, toxicants, poor nutrition, emotional challenges, unhealthy lifestyle choices and lack of exercise are all examples of stresses we can experience in life.

As your holistic dentist; we limit your exposure in all possible instances to unwanted chemicals or toxicants including mercury from old dental restorations or bonding agents used during placement of fillings.

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