The Heal Difference

Holistic Dentistry

We don’t just treat teeth and gums. We recognize that your teeth and gums are attached to a human being – you. Our dentists are well read in areas other than just dentistry and understand the connection between your teeth, gums, jaw joint (TMJ), airway, digestive tract, heart and lungs. Where necessary we work closely with GP’s, holistic dietitians, naturopaths, chiropractors, remedial massage therapists, and many more talented practitioners. Our goal is to make the biggest positive impact on your overall health, we don’t just stop at your pearly whites.

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Eco Friendly

We are a certified eco-friendly practice. We care about you and your environment. Complete health relies on a healthy and clean environment. Heal Dental Care uses low energy lighting systems, and cuts down on use of paper by using innovative approaches to health care. These include the ability for you to fill in your medical history online and send it to us digitally… It then gets transferred it to your guest file. Not even a speck of paper is used.

We are working on reducing waste and saving power for the good of the planet and our health.

Great Service

At Heal we pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations. Our guests will be greeted with a smile and a herbal tea, or filtered water. Sit on the balcony or read a book from our library while you enjoy a drink. Relax in our chill out space before or after a treatment. Or just gaze out the window at the creek from our comfortable lounge. We are proud to be your chosen dental practice and thank you by doing all that we can to make you happy, healthy and feeling great.