Our Promise

At Heal we promise to:

  • Put your needs first.
  • We will listen to your thoughts, feelings and concerns
  • Do our best for you every time you visit us
  • Provide high quality treatments
  • Make you as comfortable as we can
  • Be at the cutting edge of modern dentistry by attending Professional Development Courses on a regular basis
  • Stay true to our word. If we say we will do something, we will do it

Our Vision

We believe that dentistry is evolving into a profession which treats more than just teeth and gums. Your entire wellbeing may be affected by not only what goes into your mouth, but how your mouth, jaws and airway function. Our vision is to show the profession a new paradigm, and help change the way dentistry is delivered. However, in the meantime we will lead by example, and focus on you our valued guest.