Our Story

Dr Murray Orr, B.Oral.H, G.Dip.Dent

During my life I have been fascinated with the systems of nature that surround us. The transformation of caterpillar to butterfly and my first wet steps in the morning dew found my heart pounding while my mind pondered these marvelous events. Every second of every day in places like our homes, gardens and most fascinating of all in our bodies; underlying systems of nature govern a multitude of pathways, reactions and processes that uphold our existence. I am amazed by these beautifully intricate systems.

I have also become a stark advocate for prevention. You all know why this is. One shouldn’t wait until they develop an abscess to see a dentist, instead we have regular routine checkups to ensure that we have as little risk as possible of an unforeseen dental emergency. When as dentists we have the knowledge to recognise early symptoms in our patients (decay, recession, sensitivity, clenching or bleeding gums) then we can act to prevent greater health challenges later in life.

I have learned that although drilling and filling are important, they are not the be all and end all of my profession. Most of the time these treatments are required because the patient’s lifestyle has caused a breakdown in the systems of the body. My dream is to see a fundamental change in our world, where we stop looking at sickness and start looking at people. Where we investigate symptoms instead of masking them. Where we encourage the systems of the body before attempting to control them. And where we stop waiting on a miracle pill and instead take responsibility for our health destiny, and the destiny of our children.

While this is not a dream which will come to pass easily, it is a worthy one. The world will change one life at a time. It will change with an impartation of passion from one individual to the next. While I can’t do everything, I can do something. And so with a heart of faith, the support of my family and a bunch of opened doors I have partnered with Dr Dan to create Heal. I am excited for the future as we work to see people empowered with knowledge and understanding on their health journey.

Heal is more than a building, and more than a state of the body. It is an ideal. One that lives and breathes in those who understand it. So much so, that when shared in earnest, it resounds within the soul. I invite you to partner with us. To come, join and share in our dream. It is my sincere prayer that you will take real steps to a better health future; a future with life, hope and purpose.