Our Team

Our team is led by Dr Murray Orr. However, we are blessed with a group of individuals specially selected for their care, honesty and skill.

Dr Murray OrrB.Oral.H, G.Dip.Dent

Dr Murray Orr takes considerable pride in his dentistry. Even when you can’t see the detail of the finished result in your mouth, he is the one who cares that it is absolutely perfect. His attention to detail and meticulous nature produce incredible results for his patients.

Outside of the office, Dr Murray is an entrepreneur, organic gardener, musician and keen fisherman. He is married and lives locally, is very fond of the southern Gold Coast and believes that Burleigh Heads is among the best places on earth.

A graduate from Griffith University on the Gold Coast, Dr Murray has spent many hours refining his technical abilities with specialists and other peers. This year he was asked to contribute as the youngest tutor to ever teach at Griffith University Dental clinic.

While technically very capable as a dentist, Dr Murray is also sympathetic to your individual needs. He loves working with children and aims to make visits to the dentist a positive experience for all young ones. Dr Murray truly understands people’s apprehension in relation to dentistry and would like to warmly welcome you and your family to Heal Dental Care.

Our Dental team

Oral Health TherapistOral Health Therapists help to manage preventative care needs.

Our Oral Health Therapist, Brad Lindeberg, has been a Gold Coast local for over 30 years, and enjoys the lifestyle with his wife and 3 children – a boy and twin girls.

Oral Health Therapists often work in conjunction with other health professionals to provide total body approach to your health. Brad has a wealth of dental knowledge and is more than happy to discuss any dental issue or questions you may have during your appointment. He is very aware of how oral health can impact on overall well-being and believes that prevention truly is better than cure.

Brad graduated as an Oral Health Therapist in 2011, with the benefit of years experience in General Dentistry as well as Orthodontics. His ‘double’ degree qualifies him to treat all children and adolescents (aged 0 – 18yrs) not only for oral hygiene but also for fillings as needed.

Dental AssociatesWe are blessed with the skills of our associates. They bring new ideas and add a new vibe and feeling to our practice. The presence of a highly trained associate is not only beneficial to our patients, but it helps us to develop our own skills. Every individual has their own strengths and character

Dental Hygienists (and Therapists)We recommend regular maintenance of oral health to all of our patients. Our highly skilled Dental Hygienists (and Therapists) are the ideal way to have regular maintenance with someone who makes cleaning teeth their specialty. While our dentists are perfectly capable of cleaning your teeth, a clean with these highly valued team members will leave your mouth sparkling and feeling great

Dental ReceptionistsAll of our receptionists have years of experience within the dental industry, so they are able to help you make the right appointment quickly, and effectively

Dental AssistantsOur highly trained dental assistants will ensure that at certain times when our dentist is focussing on your treatment, your needs are being looked after. They will also assist the dentist in ensuring your treatment is carried out as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest quality we can possibly achieve