We are able to assess your options when it comes to implants, and as with all treatments, discuss with you the benefits and potential risks. Your ability to chew your food has a big impact on your ability to digest and absorb nutrients.

Ceramic (Metal-Free) Zirconia Implants
– Biocompatible, metal-free tooth replacement
– Swiss-made ceramic implants for peace of mind
– A great alternative to a dental bridge

*Clinical situations vary in complexity if additional procedures including but not limited to tooth extraction, bone grafting, soft tissue grafting or sinus lifts are required. Upfront cost includes implant surgery and crown before health fund rebates.

Zirconia (Ceramic) vs Titanium Implants
Dental implants are have transformed the lives of patients around the world. For years now, Dental implants have been made from pure titanium or from a titanium alloy. The design and manufacturing process for dental implants continues to improve year on year to provide patients with better and better options for replacing missing teeth.
A breakthrough innovation to dental implants is the use of Zirconia as an alternative to titanium. Zirconia has been used in the manufacturing of artificial knee and hip implants because of its strength and biocompatibility. Now the benefits are being seen for patients dentally. At Heal Dental Care our Zirconia implants (ceramic) are completely metal-free. This has distinct biocompatibility and aesthetic advantages.


Zirconia implants exhibit exceptionally high levels of biocompatibility. Tissues appear to heal with no chronic signs of inflammation. Titanium also shows high levels of biocompatibility; however some patients have reported titanium allergies.

Metal Free.

Zirconia implants are a completely metal-free implant alternative. This is because they are a stabilized Zirconium Oxide (white ceramic). There is an additional aesthetic benefit as white ceramic implants appear more like a tooth root below the gums and underneath the implant crown.

Cost & Time.

By adoption of modern technology, manufacturing methods, up to date training and clinical techniques we are now able to deliver dental implants at a far lower cost, in less time; with no sacrifice to the quality of the procedure. In the past a dental implant would cost between $6000-$7000. At Heal Dental Care our dental implants are rarely more than $5000.