Laser Dentistry

At Heal Dental Care the Waterlase iPlus is our flagship dental laser. Designed and manufac-tured in the USA, this laser is the laser of choice for many of the world’s leading dental clinics. Laser procedures in our clinic include decay removal, crowns, veneers, radial firing root canal treatments, fillings, gum disease treatments, orthodontics, implants, de-sensitising, whitening and wisdom tooth extractions.

This laser does not generate excessive heat in the surrounding tissues due to the cooling ef-fects of the water – a major advantage over other lasers or electrosurgery. Most laser dental treatments also form a plasma scaffold which limits bleeding and helps to prevent infection.

Use of lasers in dentistry is not a new concept. Laser dentistry and dentists who are equipped and trained to provide such services can offer truly incredible treatments. Some dental lasers called diodes can only be used to treat soft tissues. At Heal Dental Care we are equipped with both diodes and the Waterlase iPlus. Thus, we are able to choose the best laser for your indi-vidual clinical situation.