Oral Rehabilitation

For individuals with worn, decayed and or traumatised teeth it is sometimes necessary to consider Oral Rehabilitation. This is a detailed treatment process which begins with strategic investigation and planning with our dentist to ensure you are provided with excellent options and the highest level of individualised care available.

The goal of Oral Rehabilitation is to give you back a full smile, functional bite and the confidence that can go with both of those things. Often, crowns, bridges and implants are considered in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Guests at Heal Dental Care who require Oral Rehabilitation benefit greatly from our digitised practice. Many of our appointments and plans can be shorter with reduced stress from fewer appointments, injections, procedures, and less disruption to your life. This is all made possible because of our adoption of modern digital dental technologies including CEREC CADCAM, 3D printing and milling, the advanced Waterlase iPlus Er:Cr:YSGG laser and digital diagnostic imaging including intra-oral cameras.